Don’t Guess Where Your Subprime Customers Are Heading.

Meet Them There.

How does consumer behavior affect market trends, and what does it mean for your business?

Clarity’s 2018 Alternative Financial Services Lending Trends report explores these questions and more.

Sections include online and storefront market trends, consumer credit quality and stability, and the location of borrowers (including regional trends).

Key Findings:

  • Online installment dollar volume has grown nearly 500% in just five years.
  • Installment borrowers continue to use more credit each year. (Credit utilization is the average loan amount times the average number of loans opened.)
  • Cumulative default rates have declined year-over-year, thanks in part to the use of alternative credit data to mitigate risk.
  • Despite increasing inquiries and loans in the online lending channel in recent years, borrowers still tend to move back and forth between online and storefront markets.
  • Generation X is the largest user group of online lending, leading millennials by 7%.

It’s simple really – learn what your customers want and be the first to provide it.