About Experian’s Clarity Services

Experian’s Clarity Services is a credit reporting agency that provides information to providers and develops efficient and effective data reporting products to help businesses reduce high-risk lending. Clarity’s growing database provides information that is not available from traditional reporting agencies, and assists lenders in gaining a competitive advantage by viewing subprime consumer data.

Our History

Clarity was founded in 2008 by industry veterans who identified and built upon the idea of providing a better way to report information for the financial services market. Clarity is an FCRA-regulated credit reporting agency that utilizes the latest and most flexible database architecture available.

Real-Time Reporting

Clarity offers real-time reporting with national coverage of non-traditional data sources that, when combined with the available traditional information offered by the three existing credit bureaus, provides an unparalleled view of the consumer.

Clarity Data

Clarity’s unique data source is derived from a variety of financial service providers, including auto financers, check cashers, prepaid card issuers, short-term installment lenders, peer-to-peer microlenders, small dollar credit lenders, online small-dollar credit lenders, telecommunications, and many more.

Clarity focuses on data reporting for under-banked, near-prime, and subprime consumer segment because these consumers have minimal recorded data and accessing their creditworthiness proves to be a challenge for lending institutions. Clarity enables providers to know more about these consumers and assist in the underwriting process.

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