Alternative Credit Data Insights

Clarity Services, a part of Experian, offers you an extensive library of whitepapers, reports, infographics, videos, case studies, and more about alternative credit data developed by our knowledgeable experts. Use these resources to find answers to complex business problems and gain insights into the fast moving world of subprime credit data.

Online Loan Usage Infographic

This infographic highlights trends in the online loan market including: loan volume growth, value of loans, market shifts and demographic information.

You Approved the Loan. Now Manage the Risk.

You pored over the application. You were thorough in your underwriting. Finally, you approved your customer for a loan, and all you can do is wait and hope for repayment. Sound familiar?

Now imagine the ability to monitor your customers’ credit transactions outside of your portfolio and quickly spot recent changes in their credit profile.

Clear Portfolio Alerts™, comprised of risk and retention triggers, puts you back in control of your [...]

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    Online or Storefront Lending: Where are Subprime Borrowers Getting Their Money?

Online or Storefront Lending: Where are Subprime Borrowers Getting Their Money?

When was the last time you called your bank to inquire on your account balances? Or used a phone book to find a local handyman? Most of us understand that the world no longer functions this way. The management of our daily lives, including nearly every transaction we perform, is done online. The same is true in the financial industry and online lending.
If it isn’t online, it didn’t [...]

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    Generational Divide: How Age Affects the Preferences and Trends of Alternative Financial Services Users

Generational Divide: How Age Affects the Preferences and Trends of Alternative Financial Services Users

The more lenders know about their customers, the better equipped they are to align those consumers with the most relevant products and services.

In the alternative financial services (AFS) market, demographic data is essential to help define who consumers are, including the average age of borrowers, the type of credit channels and products they prefer (segmented by generation), average incomes by product type and how credit scores correlate with these [...]

CFSA 2018 Annual Conference and Expo | April 16-19

Thank you for helping Clarity at CFSA 2018 a success!

In case you missed us, George Coutros, Clarity’s Chief Revenue Officer, presented a Breakout Session on “How to Retain Your Evolving Storefront Customers.”

You can download the presentation by filling the form in below.

2018 Alternative Financial Services Lending Trends

It’s finally here! Clarity’s 2018 Alternative Financial Services Lending Trends Report examines subprime borrower behavior and trends with valuable industry insights.

Relationships matter! Existing customers represented 37 percent of the 2017 loan market, but they opened more than half of the loans in 2017.
Being in the right place counts! Of all loans to new customers in 2017, 73 percent were made online.

Packed with five years of Clarity data and [...]

Introducing Clear Portfolio Alerts™

Clear Portfolio Alerts™ is a proactive portfolio management tool that creates customer touchpoints based on risk and retention alerts. Risk alerts can signal recent derogatory changes to a consumer’s credit profile, allowing you to resolve potential issues before they impact your bottom line. Retention alerts can identify existing customers who may be shopping for new credit, and can help lenders strengthen customer retention strategies. Clear Portfolio Alerts™ is an [...]

LendIt 2018

Gaining the Competitive Advantage with Comprehensive Data
Leaders from Clarity Services, a part of Experian, provided compelling tips for capitalizing on expanded lending practices at this years LendIt Fintech USA 2018. We would like to thank all of those who attended the breakout session and for considering enhanced ways to do business with underbanked consumers.

Andrew Sheehan, General Manager at Clarity Services, and Angela Granger, Vice President at Experian Decision [...]