Clarity Picnic & Greyhound Success Celebration

This year we celebrated the completion of our Greyhound product migration at an eventful picnic gathering! The Greyhound initiative consisted of contacting all Clarity clients still using Clear Fraud and working to convert them over to Clear Fraud Insight and Clear Credit Risk.

We also acknowledged team members that went the extra mile to get us to the finish line with these conversions. The following awards were given to our go-getter colleagues who deserve to be recognized for their hard work.

24/7 Never Sleeps Award – Conda Nunez

Conda was essential to the success of Greyhound as we discovered over 600+ control files had to be discussed with clients and then implemented. Conda’s team worked tirelessly with limited resources and fast turn-around requests to ensure all client control files were ready prior to the conversion date. Conda led her team with determination, leadership and client-focused approaches to maximize production with a limited team to complete the task. Conda personally ‘quality controlled’ all the control files while doing many of them herself. She is a true team player and leader!

Racetrack Award – Nathan Hissa

What started out as a little tracking exercise for contract conversion, to then add Greyhound, became our essential data point for all activities surrounding Greyhound. Nathan tracked items on a daily, weekly, and monthly roll up and conducted Greyhound weekly calls. Without his data and insight, we could never have managed a program like Greyhound with so many moving parts. Nathan stepped up and made it happen, increasing his workload to make Greyhound a priority. Without Nathan’s leadership on the tracker and his knowledge of the production support team, control files and Clarity Connect, we would have been at a loss to capture and report Greyhound anytime of day as changes were made in real time. Nathan stepped up to make Greyhound a success!

Sherlock Holmes Award – Karla Smith

The Greyhound project, along with many other current projects, has required a huge effort to uncover all the needed compliance and regulatory information. Karla has been the key to tracking down and navigating the complexities of conforming to all federal, state and unique Experian requirements. She has been a part of nearly every Greyhound working team and a great example to us all of how to partner to achieve success. Thank you, Karla and congratulations on earning the Sherlock Holmes Award.

Steamroller Award – Valeria Benetti

Val was instrumental in using her knowledge and experience to create filters and test them prior to implementation for our Greyhound transitioning customers. During the project, Val worked diligently to ensure that we met or exceeded our internal service level agreements (SLAs) for filter creation and testing. Val also provided mentorship and guidance to junior team members.