Clarity Prescreen Direct Mail Solutions

Expand your lending universe and foster new acquisition channels with Clarity’s Prescreen Direct Mail Solutions. Our campaigns widen your target market, delivering higher response rates at the same (or lower) risk level.


  • Accuracy: Ensure you are targeting the correct consumer population using the most predictive data in the subprime market.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Maximize your consumer acquisition dollars by decreasing the cost per funded loan, ensuring the target audience is the most likely to respond and repay.
  • Flexibility: Choose between multiple direct mail solutions tailored to meet your campaign needs.
  • Customization: Optimize your direct mail campaign by controlling your campaign specification parameters.
  • Efficiency: Leverage Clarity’s expertise in the subprime direct mail process.

Why It Works
Experian’s Clarity Services delivers easy-to-implement direct mail solutions. Our program qualifies and segments potential prospects according to credit criteria, identifying consumers more likely to respond that are within your current risk threshold. With increased response rates and decreased costs per funded loan, our combined data helps your mail reach preferred consumers.