A Customized Product to Manage Portfolios and Enhance Customer Retention

Clear Portfolio Alerts™ is the optimal way to stay proactive in portfolio management by creating customer touchpoints based on risk and retention alerts. Risk alerts enable lenders to quickly identify recent derogatory changes to other debt obligations. This allows lenders to better forecast potential issues before they impact their bottom line. Retention alerts enable lenders to identify existing customers who may be shopping for new credit. Incorporating retention alerts helps lenders strengthen their customer retention strategies. It’s an effective tool for lenders to stay in control of their portfolios.

Benefits of Clear Portfolio Alerts™:

  • Manage risk and reduce delinquencies by actively monitoring customer portfolio changes
  • Forecast trends based on current customer credit activity
  • Identify default risk and potential loan stacking through inquiry monitoring
  • Identify and manage potential charge-offs before it’s too late


What can I do with this information?
This is a great customer retention tool. Know when customers are “shopping around” or may need assistance. It’s an ideal way to reconnect with delinquent customers.

Can I customize the alerts that I receive?
Yes. You control the types of alerts and which of your departments receives each alert.

Will I receive multiple alerts on the same event?
No. The alerts are intelligent and will appear only once per event, so you’re not presented with repetitive information.

How often is the data updated?
You decide. Nightly, weekly or monthly.


  • Multiple Alert Types:

  see all alert types

      • Credit inquiry
      • Collection inquiry
      • Funded loans
      • Delinquency status
      • Collection status
      • Charged-off loans
      • Loans where a positive payment
        has been made
      • Loans that have been paid in full
      • PII changes
      • Income changes
  • Daily batch file delivery
  • Configurable alert settings leveraging
    Clarity’s exclusive subprime data

Whether used as a subprime alert system or as a supplement to existing prime notifications, Clear Portfolio Alerts™ is an exceptional tool to help you strengthen relationships by expanding engagement opportunities. When it comes to profitability, client retention is much more cost effective than pursuing new business.

Setting Up Alerts – Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Start identifying potential risk and opportunities in your loan portfolio.

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