2018 AFSA Independents Conference & Expo

As storefront customers and other borrowers evolve, lenders are facing more disruption than ever – from changes in regulation to applicants who are actively seeking alternative sources of credit.

By using nontraditional credit data from Clarity, now a part of Experian, subprime lenders can protect their business with comprehensive customer insight. This includes receiving alerts when customers are shopping for new loans, delinquent with other lenders or involved in potential [...]

LendIt 2018

Gaining the Competitive Advantage with Comprehensive Data
Join Andrew Sheehan, General Manager at Clarity Services, and Angela Granger, Vice President at Experian Decision Analytics, April 9 at 4:30 p.m. at LendIt Fintech USA 2018 for a this Breakout Session.

Gain insights on consumer performance to precisely underwrite and utilize comprehensive alternative credit data and further understand your potential new applicants.
Learn how lenders may more precisely assess the [...]

AFSA Vehicle Finance 2018

How can you benefit from Clarity’s subprime expertise?
The answers to these questions may surprise you:

Can the industry really do more with the subprime demographic?
How do we offer supplemental value to traditional credit scores?
What are the keys to risk-based pricing?
Why isn’t low income a predictor of early payment default?

Stop by Booth 304/306 to learn more about the value of our extensive database, [...]