Experian Verify™ Plus

Instant income and employment verification powered by exclusive, industry-best data.

Safely growing your business in today’s market requires greater visibility into consumers’ financial stability. Verified income and employment information is key to gaining this insight. The challenge, however, is verifying this information without introducing friction into your customer experience. Consumers have grown accustomed to online experiences that are simple and seamless. A complex and manual verification process is likely to impact their loyalty to your brand.

With Experian Verify™ Plus, you gain instant access to millions of trusted employer payroll records in the Experian network. This enables you to make more informed real-time decisions while reducing friction and eliminates the cost and complexity of current verification processes.

Raising the bar for income and employment verification

See how Experian Verify™ Plus can safely grow your business through precise, real-time income and employment verification.

Income and employment verification is critical to understanding a consumer’s financial stability, and Experian Verify™ Plus raises the bar with:

  • Millions of unique employer records
  • Real-time verification that streamlines decisions
  • Reduced friction in your customer experience
  • Direct access to Experian’s Verification Services through Clarity API