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How can you benefit from Clarity’s subprime expertise?
The answers to these questions may surprise you:

Can the industry really do more with the subprime demographic?
How do we offer supplemental value to traditional credit scores?
What are the keys to risk-based pricing?
Why isn’t low income a predictor of early payment default?

Stop by Booth 304/306 to learn more about the value of our extensive database, [...]

Avoid Surprises With Portfolio Alerts

As a lender, have you ever wondered what your customers are doing after they sign on the dotted line? Consumer behavior in the days following a loan transaction can contribute to a lender’s success or failure. Don’t believe it? Consider this:

23 percent of consumers have a new credit inquiry within 30 days of opening a loan. An even higher number, 31 percent, will open a new loan with a [...]

How to Combat Online Lending Fraud

Why the consumer-not-present market is so difficult to underwrite, and how to master it
They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. But when you’re conducting business online, the eyes, and every other fragment of identity, is concealed. The “hidden” nature of the online environment makes it a breeding ground for fraud.
Fraud in all its forms is so pervasive in the subprime lending industry that [...]

How Debit Activity Can Benefit Lenders in a Cashless Society

More lenders are accepting non-traditional credit data as part of their best practices.

With nearly half the American population carrying a subprime credit score, rent-to-own companies, online installment, storefronts and others are embracing new tools to intelligently navigate a market that has been largely overlooked.

With an eye toward the future, Clarity Services developed a novel method to confirm a consumer’s banking status. The solution, Clear Bank Debit™, displays data from a [...]

In the Fight Against Fraud, How’s Your Data Doing?

Fraudsters work around the clock. Your fraud prevention measures should too.
Fraud prevention is a primary concern for any business in the lending industry. The growth of digital and mobile technologies makes it increasingly difficult to determine who is on the other end of a transaction.
A lender’s risk is naturally higher with a subprime borrower than with a traditional prime consumer. As fraud in its various forms continues [...]

Subprime Lending Trends Report Offers Insight into Shifting Market

As a lender in a busy, fast-paced marketplace, you’re likely focused on your day-to-day operations and not always on the big picture. On occasion, it’s helpful to step back to see the trends in the market as a whole. Consumer behaviors, preferences and habits can help decide your next business strategy.
Follow the Trends to Find Your Customers
The more you know about your customers, the better you can [...]

Online Fraud Is a Widespread General Practice: Treat It With a Specialist

A recent American Banker article highlighted the fraud problem in the online lending industry. Below, Clarity shares its experience with this threat and discusses some of the ways lenders can fight back.

Online lenders offer convenience, speed and ease of use, which attracts consumers in need of a quick loan during a moment of necessity. To make consumers happy, online lenders streamline their processes. Unfortunately, the seamless process of securing [...]

Temporary Account Record: Your Secret Weapon in the Fight Against Loan Stacking

Financial fraud in 2017 presents itself in many forms, from synthetic identify theft to kickbacks and skimming. As America settles in with a new year and a new presidential administration, lenders are still looking for answers to loan stacking – a popular type of fraud that doubled in frequency during recent years, according to the Wall Street Journal.
Increasingly, lenders of all sizes are finding hope to curb the [...]