Alternative Credit Data Insights

Clarity Services, a part of Experian, offers you an extensive library of whitepapers, reports, infographics, videos, case studies, and more about alternative credit data developed by our knowledgeable experts. Use these resources to find answers to complex business problems and gain insights into the fast moving world of subprime credit data.

Alternative Credit Data for Storefront Lenders

Storefront lenders can use Clarity’s alternative credit data to offer loans to small-dollar consumers and applicants at more reasonable rates, building a larger customer base and helping borrowers build their credit.

While storefront lending is a relationship-driven business, a broader view of a borrower’s history can reveal important insights. Protecting your business doesn’t need to be complicated.
What does alternative credit data bring to the table for storefront lenders?

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Alternative Credit Data for Online Lenders

In a booming market, online consumer lenders must consider associated risks:

identity verification in a consumer-not-present environment
fraud detection and prevention
and remaining profitable in an increasingly competitive market

Rather than limiting growth potential, alternative credit data can make it easier to identify creditworthy customers in a high-risk population. With the most unique consumer data available for these consumers, online lenders can price deals according to true risk.Read More

Alternative Credit Data for Rent-to-Own Lenders

Alternative credit data for rent-to-own lenders can be a decisive asset in simplifying the approval process.

RTO providers and customers want the same thing – a convenient way to confirm details for a mutually beneficial transaction. 

Subprime consumers face special credit challenges that are often easily solved with alternative credit data, which is detailed at length in Gain the Competitive Advantage.
What does alternative credit data bring to the table for

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2019 Alternative Financial Services Lending Trends Report

Clarity’s 2019 Alternative Financial Services Lending Trends report is now available!
Packed with five years of Clarity data and enhanced with additional insights from Experian’s national credit bureau – this is the alternative financial services lending trends report you do not want to miss.

For three years in a row, the AFS Lending Trends Report has been the go-to resource for lenders and anyone seeking true insights into nonprime borrower

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Optimized Decisioning for Today’s Risk Manager

An eGuide to Risk Mitigation
In our data-driven world, lenders who do not utilize updated underwriting tools accounting for today’s industry trends are at a serious disadvantage. That’s why more lenders are turning to alternative credit data for risk mitigation.

Featuring the most nonprime consumer data of any credit bureau, information at Clarity is constantly updated.

Underwriting Tools for Risk Mitigation
Today’s lender is confronted with a continually changing nonprime market.

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  • Case Study Shows Lift Exceeding 40% for One Auto Lender
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    Auto Lenders Drive Down Early Payment Default with Alternative Credit Data

Auto Lenders Drive Down Early Payment Default with Alternative Credit Data

Identifying the consumers who are most likely to become delinquent or default on their loans, is the plight of every lender.

How do you

Reduce risk?
Approve more applicants?
Increase revenue?

In a recent case study of four lenders Clarity applied an innovative solution to more than 180,000 historical loan applications, provided by the lenders, that yielded a risk reduction for all four lenders. For one lender this equated

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  • Webinar auto finance
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    Webinar: Optimizing the Usage of Alternative Credit Data in Auto Finance

Webinar: Optimizing the Usage of Alternative Credit Data in Auto Finance

A webinar on auto finance. Recorded January 15, 2019
Step into the future of customer acquisition and put the data to work for you!
The drive to approve as many consumers as possible and boost revenue can leave auto lenders vulnerable to fraud or default. Augmenting a traditional credit report with alternative credit data allows lenders to expand their approval criteria without the additional risk, opening the door to a

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How to Unmask a Fraud Ring

Clarity’s fraud team exercises round-the-clock vigilance by utilizing the subprime credit industry’s largest database. Below are the details of one example of how Clarity works with clients for industry-leading security against fraud.
Fraud Ring Moniker: Excel Vision Capital

Modus Operandi: Listing “Excel,” “Vision” or “Capital” as employers on applications, among other red flags

Clarity Fraud Team Member: Bruno Gomes, Certified Fraud Examiner, 14 years of experience

The Win: Proactive information sharing and

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