Current Fraud Trends: High  Scorers Fraud

The most notable and active fraudulent activity Clarity is currently seeing is a group called High Scorers. This group is very unique in that they appear to be using real identities and, when run against Clarity products, the majority of these identities have high Clear Fraud scores, meaning that they appear to represent desirable, low-risk consumers. The other unique attribute of this group is that most identities do not have a prior inquiry history with Clarity.

The High Scorer group is very active, and the dedicated Clarity fraud team works with account managers and customers to quickly identify trends and aggressively track and investigate possible fraud signature hits. Clarity’s statistics show that in the last four months, the most active month was July, where over 33% of the total identities seen were suspected to be part of this group.

The chart below illustrates the activity that Clarity has seen. This chart contains unique identities per month.

For more information and specifics on how this fraud group may be affecting you, contact your Account Manager.