Due to limited visibility, a provider is restricted to viewing the traffic and activity of an applicant in their system. Based on data gathered in their organization and relying on a bureau supplied credit score many businesses make credit-based decisions on limited knowledge and relying on a credit score.

But what if you could become aware of the number of times an applicant has applied for services and in the process, modified critical data in an attempt to commit fraud? What if you had visibility across industries and have the aggregate change patterns reported to you in one fell swoop?

Due to limited visibility, a provider only saw the transactions that came through their systems (30-50 inquiries). They did not have an aggregate view identifying seven months of fraud pattern activity. This lack of information resulted in continued losses.


A review of elements and noted patterns on 2,200 inquiries for the given state identified a successful fraud ring operating in the state. Instead of eliminating lending altogether in the given state, improved underwriting rules would have eliminated the problem.


How well do you know and manage your risk of exposure to fraud and do you know all the players?

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