Credit fraud comes in many forms to threaten your business in multiple ways, from loan stacking to synthetic fraud. Effectively fighting fraud requires a comprehensive approach – and a proven partner – to help you eliminate blind spots that can erode your bottom line.

How Clarity Fights Fraud:

  • Alert lenders when a consumer is approved for a loan.
  • Immediately flag a consumer’s credit report with a temporary account to close the reporting gap that makes loan stacking possible.
  • Use behavior-based technology that deploys fraud indicators, cross-applicant indicators and activity/stability matrices to limit risk.
  • Provide deep insight into the subprime market, a consumer segment that represents more than half of all borrowers.

What we don’t do:

  • Rely on limited data: Some credit bureaus try to guard against loan stacking through reporting from a small sampling of lenders.
  • Provide a partial picture: Our proprietary database of nearly 60 million subprime consumers gives you extensive insight into consumer activities that other bureaus can’t provide.

Don’t surrender your profits to loan stacking or other fraud. Contact us to learn more.