How to Optimize Your Campaign:

Even if you’ve employed all the right pre-screening best practices on your latest direct mail efforts, you still must navigate the critical post-screening period that can make or break your campaign.

Non-prime consumers are a volatile market segment, prone to shifting circumstances … yet the source of exceptional opportunity if understood.

A lot can happen after the initial screening – job change, divorce and more – to cause a prospective borrower to drift outside of a lender’s acceptable predetermined credit criteria. Clarity’s direct mail solutions can help you assess new risks, plus understand which consumers may respond to credit offers but have no intent to repay, resulting in higher-than-expected first payment defaults.

Many non-prime lenders assume that they’ve adequately addressed fraud risk by sourcing names from traditional credit bureaus and applying credit criteria to determine those to be mailed. While third party fraud risk has been addressed, “intent to not repay” fraud has not been effectively managed. Tools such as Clarity’s Clear Fraud Score mitigate risk on the back-end to protect your bottom line.

What Makes Direct Mail So Popular?

39 Percent Percentage of customers who try a business for the first time because of direct mail advertising
39 Percent Percentage of direct mail recipients persuaded to visit promoted websites – with the greatest influence on first-time shoppers.

Source: 10 Mind-Blowing Direct Mail Statistics –

What Makes Clarity Post-Screening So Popular?

  • Proven practices protect lenders against higher loan defaults from consumers with no intent to pay
  • Powerful insight helps lenders predict behavior and build better risk models
  • Extensive knowledge about non-prime consumers shows lenders how to spot first-person fraud

Put Our Post-Screening Solutions to Work for You

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