Alternative Credit Data Reports

Clarity’s reports provide summarized, big-picture analysis as well as granular details explaining the data. With access to the non-prime industry’s most abundant data, Clarity offers insight and analysis that you cannot find anywhere else. Clarity’s alternative credit data reports offer lenders and insider’s look at where non-prime lending has been and where it’s going.

Your Guide to Mastering the Consumer Lifecycle

Wondering how you can manage the entire consumer life cycle with ease? From reaching more credit-worthy consumers to accurately scoring them, and managing their account to handling collections, alternative credit data is the answer.

In our free eGuide for auto lenders, we discuss how augmenting your traditional score with Clarity’s

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2019 Alternative Financial Services Lending Trends Report

Clarity’s 2019 Alternative Financial Services Lending Trends Report
Packed with five years of Clarity data and enhanced with additional insights from Experian’s national credit bureau – this is the alternative financial services lending trends report you do not want to miss.

For three years in a row, the AFS Lending

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Optimized Decisioning for Today’s Risk Manager

An eGuide to Risk Mitigation
In our data-driven world, lenders who do not utilize updated underwriting tools accounting for today’s industry trends are at a serious disadvantage. That’s why more lenders are turning to alternative credit data for risk mitigation.

Featuring the most nonprime consumer data of any credit bureau,

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    Lending Risks in Today’s Alternative Financial Services Market

Lending Risks in Today’s Alternative Financial Services Market

The Subprime Population is Broad and Diverse

Given the variability of the subprime consumer population, individuals seeking alternative financial services each carry their own unique history. But accessing a more complete view can be a challenge.
In this piece, we explore some of the challenges lenders encounter while looking to

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The Evolution of Credit-Risk Evaluation

These days, the predictive nature of the best data available in approving loans can have an immediate impact on a lender’s business. The underwriting process has changed quite a bit throughout the past decade. The better lenders understand why that is, the more you might grasp what moves to

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How Lenders Can Navigate Risk in the ‘Big Fraud’ Era

Fraud and Credit Risk
While fraud and credit risk are two distinct factors that can be intellectually distinguished with ease, measuring the difference in practice can be tricky. That’s due, in part, to the fact that both have overlapping risk in common.

When a loan reaches first payment default, at

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2018 Alternative Financial Services Lending Trends

It’s finally here! Clarity’s 2018 Alternative Financial Services Lending Trends Report examines subprime borrower behavior and trends with valuable industry insights.

Relationships matter! Existing customers represented 37 percent of the 2017 loan market, but they opened more than half of the loans in 2017.
Being in the right place counts!

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2017 Subprime Lending Trends

2017 Subprime Lending Trends
Get the definitive report on subprime consumer behavior!
As a lender, you can’t afford to rely on instinct or incomplete reporting. There’s no substitute for knowing the facts about the growing market of subprime lending – from consumer demographics to history with financial products.
Clarity Services,

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