2020 Alternative Financial Services Lending Trends Report – NOW LIVE

    This report is packed with five years of Clarity data and enhanced with additional insights from Experian’s national credit bureau. From market trends to changes in loan characteristics, the data inside will leave you more informed of the nonprime market than you’ve ever been before.

    Highlights from the report:

    • The proportion of loans with loan amounts greater than $2,500 has increased from 16% in 2018 to $21% in 2019.
    • The proportion of loans with a repayment length longer than 7 months has increased from 62% in 2018 to 74% in 2019.
    • In our ranking of states by loan count, Michigan is continuing to increase on the charts. Michigan was ranked #13 in 2015 compared to #4 in 2019. Ohio quickly dropped from #3 in 2018 to #7 in 2019.