Clarity Services, the subprime industry’s largest credit reporting agency, today announced the release of its 2017 Subprime Lending Trends report. More than just a demographics report, it offers exclusive insights into emerging consumer trends that can help lenders reach the consumer where they are.

The trends report goes beyond simply offering insight into the subprime consumer; it focuses on the broader alternative lending market. Do online or storefront customers take out more loans? Which market has the most returning customers each year? The report answers these questions and more.

“It’s important for lenders to have a sense of the subprime lending landscape so they can better serve their customers,” said Tim Ranney, President and CEO of Clarity Services. “The trends report can help them determine if their strategies are in keeping with the direction the market is headed.”

The report is based on a dataset containing exclusive performance data on 16 million loans from the past four years. Lenders will learn about the overall trends from this time period, including which states have the highest borrower populations, financial stability of consumers over time, online versus storefront markets, single payment loans versus installment, and new versus returning customers.

The report also breaks down demographic information by age, income and other attributes. The report is compiled entirely of Clarity data and is the first of its kind to be created with a specific focus on subprime lenders.

To learn more and download the full report, visit our report page.