1. Fraud Ring Name: Texas Yahoos

Modus Operandi: On most of their applications they use valid addresses from Texas and Louisiana and accounts from the big national banks.
The Big Giveaway: This fraud ring usually structures their e-mail address First name + First letter of last name + 3 digit # + @yahoo.com such as robertm345@yahoo.com or with the word ‘love’ in it.

96% of their applications have an incorrect Texas Driver’s License format.

Average Number of Applications per Day: 20


2. Fraud Ring Name: Excel Vision Capital

Modus Operandi: For the past 9 months, the primary employer for this ring was Career Transitions although they have recently started using Valtech and Vistion. Prior, they used some version of Excel Vision Capital Management.

Usually the addresses are in the Dallas, Texas area.

The Big Giveaway: 91% of the home addresses they use do not exist. 75% of the Driver’s License formats, primarily from Texas, are invalid.

Average Number of Applications per Day: 60


3. Fraud Ring Name: Public Works

Modus Operandi: The primary employer for this fraud ring will usually involve a state or local government agency such as a DMV, Public Safety agency, Water Authority, or Department of Health.

The addresses listed on their applications are most often from Texas, Nevada, and New Mexico.

The Big Giveaway: Other than the employer names, one other giveaway is how they structure the email addresses. It will often begin with two letters which in most cases will represent the first letters of first and last names followed by a series of random letters and digits. Here is an example. John Doe – JD981Q@yahoo.com.

Average Number of Applications per Day: 30