A webinar on auto finance. Recorded January 15, 2019

Step into the future of customer acquisition and put the data to work for you!

The drive to approve as many consumers as possible and boost revenue can leave auto lenders vulnerable to fraud or default. Augmenting a traditional credit report with alternative credit data allows lenders to expand their approval criteria without the additional risk, opening the door to a whole new consumer population.

In this auto finance webinar, attendees will learn:

  • Why alternative credit data is necessary in subprime auto lending
  • How to optimize underwriting and apply risk-based pricing strategies
  • How to use alternative credit data to approve more loans and determine safer loan terms

Presented By: David Elmore, Clarity Automotive Services Consultant | Experian

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About David Elmore

David Elmore has worked for more than 15 years in the financial services industry, specifically with Experian and Clarity Services (which was acquired by Experian in October 2017). David has dedicated his career to becoming a subject matter expert in the use and application of credit data across the consumer life cycle. For the past three years, David has worked with automotive finance organizations focusing on their use of alternative credit data to optimize their marketing, risk management and collection strategies, enabling auto financiers to achieve and maximize their revenue goals.