Why Clarity is the only choice for compliance support:

The upcoming regulations will affect New Mexico lenders in different ways, depending on their structure. Payday lenders will be eliminated; while small-dollar installment lenders will have to comply with additional rules regarding the terms and structure of their loans.

Clarity is here to help. We keep an eye on emerging regulations so we can offer suggestions and solutions to help you meet your specific compliance goals, whatever they are.

The Reporting You Need

When it comes to mandatory reporting, the choice is clear. Below you will see how Clarity provides the specific attributes that small–dollar lenders need, in the format and timeframe they need them. Small-dollar lenders need access to real –time credit information to properly manage their risk, as well as granular details and cross-industry visibility into various types of subprime lenders:

Clarity Format

Metro 2© Format

Real-Time Application Program Interface (API)

30-Day Batch Format


1 – 29 days “Past Due”


1 – 29 days past due is considered “Current”

Account Types defined specifically for
Non-prime industry

Internet Single Payment

Storefront Single Payment

Online Installment

Account Types are generalized

01 = Unsecure

02 = Secure

First and Overall Payment Defaults

Reported in Special Comments


Clarity also provides: Charge off status, Date of Non-Conformance, Bank Routing Number and Bank Account Number.

Come for the Reporting; Stay for the Industry-Leading Underwriting Solutions

Clarity offers much more than just real-time reporting of subprime consumer information. Our solutions help answer questions about an applicant’s background, their transaction history and whether they actually have the means or intent to pay you back.

For more information, call Clarity’s transition team today at 727-312-0960, and learn how we can help you navigate the emerging regulations.