Complete Your Retail Financing Strategy with Alternative Credit Data

Discover Clarity’s powerful solutions for retail financing. Clarity’s credit evaluation solutions enable retail lenders to quickly evaluate consumers while also minimizing risk when it matters most – the point of purchase.

Consumer spending continues to rise, creating steady growth for retailers. Though this is certainly good news, it is more important than ever to maintain a strong risk management strategy.

Lenders who utilize Clarity’s alternative credit data in their retail financing strategies gain real-time insights into more consumers. Running a traditional credit report can provide a glimpse into a consumer’s spending and borrowing habits, but it ignores alternative finance activity. The addition of alternative credit data completes the picture, providing a comprehensive view of the consumer.

Clarity provides more than just data. With the largest visibility into subprime consumers, we continue to lead the industry with superior scores, improved performance, and products offering greater insight. Make the most out of every transaction with Clarity data.

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