Press Release 08/07/2013

CLEARWATER, FL – August 7, 2013 Clarity Services, Inc., the leading real-time credit bureau providing fraud detection and credit risk management solutions for Middle America, announces its newest product, Clear Fraud™.

Clear Fraud™ is part of the next generation of fraud products from Clarity. Like its predecessor, Clear Subprime ID Fraud™, Clear Fraud™ goes beyond traditional identity verification to help lenders profile applicants that are unlikely to pay as a result of fraud.

“We are excited to offer our clients the new Clear Fraud™ product just in time for peak season. Its new score significantly outperforms both the Clear Subprime ID Fraud™ score as well as other general use fraud scores,” said Lyndi Mulder, director of product management. “We have also augmented the score with new fraud variables that take a very innovative approach to fraud detection.”

Clear Fraud™ includes an FCRA-regulated, statistically proven, fraud score plus more than 200 predictive variables. These variables are calculated by aggregating activity across Clarity’s entire database, enabling lenders to detect many types of fraud more quickly. One set of variables is aimed at detecting fraud ring patterns, while other groups isolate bust out fraud and identity theft.

Clear Fraud™ will be available in early September. For more information, email If you are a customer and would like more information about Clear Fraud™, please contact your account manager.

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