Press Release 10/14/2009

CLEARWATER, FL – October 14, 2009 – Clarity Services, a leading provider of real?time credit bureau services announces the receipt of the 5,000,000th unique consumer identity into its credit bureau database. This milestone caps a period of phenomenal growth since the introduction of Clarity’s services in April 2009.

“The growth and lender acceptance of Clarity’s services has been incredible”, said Brian Ketelsen, Clarity’s Vice President of Operations. “Since putting our system into production, we have added over 5 million unique consumer identities to the system. In addition, our database has received status information on nearly 4.3 million payday loans. And in the month of September alone, we received over 3.7 million report requests.”

“It’s important to further define what we mean when we refer to a report request”, added Jeff Reid, Clarity’s Vice President of Sales. “If we received a report request and respond with data from multiple Clarity report products, we still count that as a single report request rather than counting it as multiple requests corresponding to multiple report sections. Sometimes, such claims for credit bureau traffic can be deceiving, and we want to make sure we are very clear with our announcements.”

Ketelsen continued, “We also believe that we have the most accurate trade line database in the industry. This is due to our architecture, based on Metro 2 industry standards, that makes it very easy for our customers to submit loan and trade line data, and for Clarity to monitor it to insure its accuracy and timeliness. This reduces the possibility that a lender using Clarity will unnecessarily decline a consumer loan application based on outdated, incomplete, or inaccurate loan data.”

Clarity’s report offerings include Clear ID Fraud™, Clear PC Fraud™, Clear Bank™, Clear Tradeline™, Clear Bureau™, Clear Profile™, and Clear Check™. This suite of reports is accessed using Clarity’s Clear Control™ system. This system is designed to provide Clarity’s customers with the ultimate in flexible control in using Clarity reports as well as controlling and minimizing expenditures on credit bureau services.

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