Press Release 09/02/2010

CLEARWATER, FL – September 2, 2010 – Clarity Services, Inc. announces the integration of its 200th customer today. Founded in 2008, Clarity Services has been serving financial institutions in the sub-prime and underbanked markets for two years.

“Clarity Services is excited to announce the integration of its 200th customer today,” said Brian Ketelsen, Chief Operating Officer. “Clarity is seeing a rapid increase in its customer base that I can only attribute to the powerful data and simple integration that our customers are enjoying.”

Clarity Services provides credit risk data, fraud prevention products, and trade level information to financial instutions in a broad spectrum of industries. “Clarity Services is a credit bureau built from the ground up to fill the data void created by the ‘Big Three’ bureaus. Clarity has trade level data on financial instruments that simply can’t be reported by other bureaus. Rent-to-own transactions and payday loans are equally at home next to car title loan data and installment loans in the Clarity system,” said Ketelsen.

Ketelsen also attributes recent growth to the new Clear Bank™ product. “Clarity’s new Clear Bank™ report provides predictive historical bank account use and abuse information that simply isn’t available anywhere else in the industry. Our lenders are seeing their first payment default rates cut in half after moving to a Clarity-powered solution. Many of our lenders are running at first payment default rates as low as five percent.”

Integration Manager, Susana Walls, sees a different angle. “Many of our customers are able to start pulling reports within 24 hours of receiving credentials for the system.” Walls says the main differentiator at Clarity Services is the single integration for all products. “Our customers appreciate the fact that no matter how many different products they want to use, they have a single request format and a single response format. Adding a new product from Clarity Services – like the new Clear Bank™ report that came online this summer – doesn’t require any additional programming from our customers’ IT departments. They love the simplicity and power of our platform along with the ease of integration.”

Founded by veterans of the underbanked and sub-prime financial services data market, Clarity has been increasing the profitability of higher risk financial transactions for its customers since 2008. Clarity Services is based in Clearwater, Florida.

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