Press Release 03/05/2013

CLEARWATER, FL – March 5, 2013 – Clarity Services, Inc., the leading real-time credit bureau providing fraud detection and credit risk management solutions for Middle America announces its newest product, Clear Bureau Lite™.

Clear Bureau Lite™ is a robust, yet cost effective, report that arms lenders with multiple benchmarks and other variables to assess creditworthiness.

“Clear Bureau Lite™ provides not one, but three, predictive credit scores to help lenders make better underwriting decisions. It also provides summary trade line information and narrows 1,000 credit attributes down to the 85 that are most predictive,” said Lyndi Mulder, director of product management at Clarity Services. “By eliminating superfluous data, Clear Bureau Lite™ helps lenders reduce costs and focus on what is important to the credit decision at hand.”

Clear Bureau Lite™ includes VantageScore – a general use credit score that is consistently calculated across all three bureaus, Scorex PLUS – a score that performs exceptionally well in the subprime space by scoring more thin file applicants than traditional credit scores, and Clear Credit Score – a score developed by Clarity that incorporates the credit attributes that are the most predictive for online payday lending.

“Our newest score, Clear Credit, was developed specifically for payday lending and rank orders first payment default risk like nothing else in the industry,” said Mulder.

At a cost of only $.70, Clear Bureau Lite™ provides tremendous value when compared to the cost of a traditional credit report. It also offers lenders the flexibility of using proven scores or developing custom models from the set of attributes.

Clear Bureau Lite™ is available now. For more information, contact, or join a webinar at

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