Press Release 08/30/2012

CLEARWATER, FL – August 30, 2012 – Clarity Services, Inc. has been nominated for Tampa Bay Technology Foundation’s annual “Emerging Technology Company of the Year” award.

With the constantly changing credit industry in the U.S., Clarity Services uses innovative technology to remain ahead of the industry to provide groundbreaking services to its customers. One of the major factors that led to Clarity’s nomination is the information technology (IT) team’s patent-pending delivery platform that provides incredibly predictive data with a very low latency. The delivery system was built to optimize and predict credit data that is delivered in sub-second response times.

“Clarity has always delivered business value to its customers by combing cutting edge technology with sound analytics and strong credit data,” said Brian Ketelsen, executive vice president of Clarity Services. “This nomination by our peers in the Tampa area reinforces our commitment to providing the best value we can to our customers.”

Clarity continues to provide great value and innovation to its customers through its significantly predictive alternative credit data, delivered in less time, allowing customers to respond quicker to automated credit requests.

In addition to its patent-pending delivery platform, Clarity’s IT team has built three new products, just this year, to match the growing demand and regulations of its customers.

“With the economic changes that have affected millions of consumers over the last four years, Clarity customers require more than traditional information at just average response times,” said Tim Ranney, president of Clarity Services. “Brian and his team help ensure that Clarity reports are delivered in the most efficient manner in a fraction of time that empowers businesses to make sound lending decisions.”

After finalists are chosen, the award recipient will be announced at a gala on Friday, Nov. 16, at the Hilton Bayfront in St. Petersburg.

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