CLEARWATER, FL, April 7, 2015, Clarity Services, Inc. will host its nonPrime 101 Conference on Subprime Consumer Trends on August 4-5 at the Vinoy Renaissance Resort & Golf Club in St. Petersburg, FL. nonPrime 101 strives to bring together thought leaders and peers for an information sharing educational event. Subjects will include behavioral patterns of subprime consumers, products geared specifically to better serve the subprime population and capabilities of subprime consumers. Space is limited as thought leaders from around the nation are expected to speak at this exciting event.

“I’m pleased to be putting this event on. This is a great opportunity for researchers and experts to share information that looks at the non-prime consumer from all sides,” said Tim Ranney, president and CEO of Clarity Services, Inc.

The nonPrime 101 Conference will offer senior-level business executives, regulatory bodies, researchers and academics a fresh perspective on subprime consumer trends and behaviors. It is designed to provide a forum where experts with differing opinions on subprime consumers can share information and participate in an open dialogue.

During this conference, presenters will provide relevant, impactful information and tips, as well as unparalleled knowledge of the latest trends impacting this consumer population.

About provides research studies and articles about non-prime consumer behavior to help the public and researchers better understand them. The rate of non-prime consumers, which include thin-file, no-file, and prior prime consumers, continues to rapidly grow and provides unbiased and empirical studies that show the credit usage behaviors, activities, and needs of subprime consumers as a whole. For more information, visit

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Clarity Services, Inc. provides powerful real-time fraud detection and credit risk management solutions for the non-prime and thin/no file consumer segment. By leveraging unique data assets and scores, Clarity Services’ suite of FCRA regulated reports and scores empower providers with visibility into critical consumer information not available on traditional bureau reports. For more information about Clarity Services, visit