Clarity Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of its newest product: Clear Bank Behavior™.

Built upon predictive data elements, preliminary data analysis shows that Clear Bank Behavior™ outperforms current products and proves to be successful to its predecessor.

Clear Bank Behavior™ provides a comprehensive evaluation of your applicant’s banking history by reporting all known bank accounts and enhancing them with bank activity, bank risk scores, check cashing, and retail check writing indicators.

Intended to provide Clarity customers with informed underwriting decisions and assess the overall risk of a consumer’s financial behavior, Clear Bank Behavior™ delivers a suite of more than 500 distinct variables that include granular details at the bank account and consumer levels along with two bank risk scores.

Clear Bank Behavior™ not only incorporates predictive Clarity data but also includes ChexAdvisor¹ data for complete consumer banking activity. For those customers who prefer to have just the ChexAdvisor™ data (Powered by ChexAdvisor™ Risk Management), Clarity meets their needs with a single product purchase.

For more information on Clear Bank Behavior™ and integrating with Clarity, contact us today.

Clarity Services, Inc. provides powerful real-time fraud detection and credit risk management solutions for the non-prime and thin/no file consumer segment. By leveraging unique data assets and scores, Clarity Services’ suite of FCRA regulated reports and scores empower providers with visibility into critical consumer information not available on traditional bureau reports.

¹ChexAdvisor™ is the trademark of Chex Systems, Inc.