Press Release 08/01/2013

CLEARWATER, FL – August 1, 2013 – Clarity Services, Inc., a real-time credit bureau providing fraud detection and credit risk management solutions for Middle America, will launch ACH Presentment™ to assist lenders in evaluating consumer accounts prior to an ACH pull and, in the process, lower NSF return rates.

“Clarity has anticipated the needs of lenders wanting to avoid ACH reject fees and the overhead associated with managing returns,” said Lyndi Mulder, director of product management at Clarity Services. “ACH Presentment™ will fulfill those needs, while also addressing a whole new set of emerging issues.”

Lenders have been challenged when processing payments in ensuring that their NSF return rates and other rates of return transactions fall within the guidelines set by regulators. ACH Presentment™ will give lenders the ability to avoid processing a debit against a consumer’s account when the debit has no chance of clearing and, in the process, making it consumer-friendly since it spares the consumer a possible NSF charge.

“ACH Presentment™ will help to predict ACH rejects with a high degree of certainty,” said Mulder. “When the product becomes available, it can be run just prior to sending the ACH file to the ODFI to dramatically reduce returns that result from closed, frozen, and overdrawn accounts.”

ACH Presentment™ will be one of many products offered by Clarity to assist lenders in credit-based decision making. By creating industry-leading products that anticipate the needs of the market and industry, Clarity helps lenders reduce or avoid fees for failed ACHs, lower the percentage of return with ACH processing services, and scrub consumer accounts to identify high risk transactions and avoid possible declines. ACH Presentment™ will be available in September.

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