If Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s idea to have U.S. post offices offer small dollar credit, or if the FDIC is successful in moving banks into this market, how will they mitigate risks?

Clarity Services is a federally regulated credit bureau that houses and analyzes a wealth of data on a large portion of the 50+ million consumers with non-prime credit ratings. Clarity, founded in 2008, provides credit risk analysis to financial institutions serving the non-prime market, including payday lenders. In fact, the company has data on more than 35 million unique customer identities in this marketplace.

Clarity CEO Tim Ranney is a source about this market and the particular challenges faced by both borrowers and lenders. Ranney can discuss:

  • Usage patterns of non-prime credit
  • Risk mitigation
  • Fraud mitigation
  • Cost analysis of non-prime lending
  • Different classes of non-prime borrowers

If you are interested in how banks or post offices might implement such programs and wish to speak to Mr. Ranney, please call Bob Griendling at 703.978.4686 or 703.362.4686, or email him at bgriendling@clarityservices.com to arrange an interview.