Clear Presentment™

Clear Presentment™ combines multiple data sources to accurately predict the likelihood of an ACH return. Clear Presentment™ may reduce the number of returned items by 20% or more for lenders.


  • Allows lenders to screen bank accounts prior to submitting debits to their bank or ACH processor.
  • Combines current bank account status information, ACH return codes, and other predictive variables to identify bank accounts that are:
    • Closed or pending closure.
    • Unable to accept debits or returning all items.
    • Overdrawn with a low chance of clearing.
    • Non-DDA with a low chance of clearing.
    • Known to have a history of returns with a low chance of clearing.
  • Returns key data elements including:
    • Return Risk Reason.
  • Predicts returns up to a 90% accuracy rate.
  • Information is available early in the day, giving lenders time to proactively contact consumers.

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Clear Attributes™

Clear Attributes™ was designed for clients that want to incorporate Clarity’s unique variables into their own statistical models. These attributes allow clients to use Clarity’s data in ways that can be customized to meet the ever-changing needs of their business.


  • 189 Clear Attributes.
  • 30 million near-prime, sub-prime, thin file, and no file consumers.
  • 4+ years of history.
  • Aggregated at the consumer level.
  • Accessed by Social Security Number.
  • Available in real-time or batch.
  • 17 optional attributes are available.