Clear Recent History™

Clear Recent History™ is a trade line report that was designed for storefront small dollar lenders. This free report provides the last 90 days of loan activity across all participating storefront lenders. It also provides select information about online loan activity for broader visibility.


  • A free report from Clarity that is designed for storefront small-dollar lenders.
  • Provides key information related to an applicant’s loan activity over the past 90 days*:
    • Loan inquiries.
    • Detailed trade line information for open and closed loans, in a Metro 2 type of format, including:
      • Opened date.
      • Closed date.
      • Loan amount
      • Balance due.
      • Past due.
      • Timeliness of payments
  • Summary trade line information for open and closed loans.
  • Collections and chargeoff activity.
  • Provides additional visibility into online loan activity.
  • Provides select loan activity for up to one year.

Clear Tradeline™

Clear Tradeline™ reports inquiries, extensions of credit, bill payments, and collection attempts made by our reporting partners. Our partners offer a variety of financial products such as home mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, single payment micro loans, rent-to-own, and bill payment services. Clarity accepts and reports real-time changes and displays data in an enhanced Metro II format.


      • A trade line summary providing an overview of consumer’s detailed trade line information.
      • The detail of a consumer’s reported trade line activity presented in the industry standard Metro II format, modified to accept real-time reporting.
      • A detailed list of the most recent transactions.
      • A detailed list of the most recent transactions.
      • A frequency/time evaluation inquiry cluster.

Clear Bureau Lite™

Clear Bureau Lite™ is a cost-effective, real-time report that provides three predictive credit scores and 85 credit attributes to help lenders make better underwriting decisions.


  • Provides three credit scores including:
    • VantageScore – A general use credit score that is consistently calculated across all three bureaus, and rank orders the likelihood of delinquent or derogatory behavior.
    • ScorexPLUSSM – A score that performs exceptionally well in the retail and non-prime space with the ability to score more thin file applicants than traditional credit scores.
    • Clear Credit – Clarity’s proprietary score that incorporates the most predictive credit attributes for online small-dollar lending.
  • Summarizes trade line information for auto, mortgage, bankcard, and student loan accounts.
  • Returns the 85 most predictive attributes for online payday and other subprime lending.

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Clear Bureau™

Clear Bureau™ provides the full traditional Experian™ credit report with either the FICO™ or Vantage™ scoring model. Clear Bureau™ allows you to compare Experian’s header data with Clarity’s current information. When combined with Clarity’s Clear Control System™, you can make easy automated decisions based on a traditional credit report.


  • The complete Experian™ credit report.
  • Both FICO™ and Vantage™ scores available.
  • Ability to view both Experian’s and Clarity’s header details.
  • A risk scoring model and reason code based on your Experian™ selection.
  • Uses Social Security Number for specific inquiries.

Clear Attributes™

Clear Attributes™ was designed for clients that want to incorporate Clarity’s unique variables into their own statistical models. These attributes allow clients to use Clarity’s data in ways that can be customized to meet the ever-changing needs of their business.


  • 189 Clear Attributes.
  • 17 optional attributes available.
  • 30 million near-prime, non-prime, thin file, and no file consumers.
  • 4+ years of history.
  • Aggregated at the consumer level.
  • Accessed by Social Security Number.
  • Available in real-time or batch.