Clear Bank Attributes™

Clear Bank Attributes™ offers an evaluation of your applicant’s banking history by reporting known bank accounts and enhancing them with check cashing and retail check writing indicators. Clear Bank Attributes™ communicates important details about the consumer’s usage of bank accounts for various financial services activities, provides more visibility on consumers by identifying high risk behavior and supplies a
comprehensive look into their banking history.

Clear Bank Attributes™ Features:

  • Robust suite of over 200 distinct attributes.
  • Granular details at the bank account and consumer level.
  • Banking Institution Risk
  • Historical Review:
    • Check cashing activity.
    • Retail check writing risk level.

Clear Bank Attributes™ Benefits:

  • Provides invaluable insight into an applicant’s banking, check cashing and retail check writing activity.
  • Empowers lenders to intelligently assess the overall risk associated with the consumer’s financial services activity.
  • Conveys Clarity observed performance for known bank accounts.
  • Identifies risk due to:
    • Known bank accounts possibly linked to fraud or prepaid cards.
    • Quantity of high risk accounts
    • Bank account usage and performance
    • Negative retail check writing history
    • High risk financial institutions

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