Collections Solutions

Reduce costs, save time and maximize resources with Clarity’s collections solutions. Our data-driven collection tools help lenders improve skip tracing efforts by reaching hard-to-locate debtors, and provide insights to help negotiate fair payment terms.

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Clear Profile™

A unique collections solution that searches Clarity’s alternative financial services database containing over 60 million records for the most recent information on difficult-to-locate and thin-file or no-hit consumers. It’s used as a powerful data supplement for skip tracing, collection and litigation strategies.

The Clear Profile report includes unique and fresh data not available from other sources. Hundreds of lenders in the alternative lending space report data from consumer loan applications in real time, solely to Clarity. The report enables you to increase rightparty contact rates, improve collections prioritization using existing staff, reduce charge-offs, increase collateral repossessions and garnish wages. Clear Profile also allows you to exclude data that occurred before a self-provided date so you can obtain data within the time frame you need.

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