Clear Profile™
A powerful data supplement for skip tracing, collection and litigation strategies.

Clarity’s alternative financial services database has information on over 60 million consumers. Our unique collections solution called Clear Profile searches that robust database for the most recent data on difficult-to-locate and thin-file or no-hit consumers. With hundreds of lenders reporting exclusively to Clarity in real time, the data recency helps in the success of your collection efforts.

Clear Profile Features:
  • Choose data based on your business needs:

      Cell phone, home phone, work phone



      Incomes NEW

      Deceased Indicator NEW

  • Exclude data before a specified time period and obtain only recently added data elements
Clear Profile Benefits:
  • Increase right-party contact rates with a supplemental data source for your skip trace waterfall
  • Increase vehicle/collateral repos with current employment and home address information
  • Improve your assessment on the consumer’s ability to repay outstanding debt
  • Enhance collections prioritization, consumer segmentation and litigation strategies