Credit Evaluation Solutions

Gain insight into your next customer’s finances. Predict credit repayment based on capacity, stability and payment history with Clarity’s credit evaluation solutions.

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Clear Credit Risk™

Clear Credit Risk™ The essential product for assessing creditworthiness and determining credit eligibility.

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Clear Recent History™

Clear Recent History™ is a tradeline report that looks back 90 days on a consumer’s inquiry and loan history.

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Clear Bank Behavior™

Clear Bank Behavior™ provides a comprehensive view of a consumer’s financial activity and stability by evaluating known bank accounts and returning bank account risk scores, bank account opening and closing activity, check writing and check cashing activity, and various bank-related risk indicators.

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Clear Income Attributes™

Clear Income Attributes™ uses proprietary data available only from the Clarity database. It works as a validation tool to help determine the stability of a consumer’s income, employment and housing.

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