Clear Bank Behavior™

Gain insight into your applicant’s banking behavior.

Clear Bank Behavior™ provides a comprehensive view of a consumer’s financial activity and stability by evaluating known bank accounts for that consumer. To help lenders evaluate credit risk, this solution returns bank account risk scores, bank account opening and closing activity, check writing and check cashing activity, and various bank-related risk indicators.

Go beyond data snapshots to evaluate usage patterns and behavior.

Clear Bank Behavior provides more than a view of a consumer’s current banking status at the time of the requested report; it provides extensive insight into banking activity over a five-year span. This expanded visibility is intended to help lenders evaluate consumer usage patterns over time.

Clear Bank Behavior™ Features

  • Provides a robust suite of more than 500 distinct attributes, multiple risk scores, and granular details at the account and consumer level.
  • Delivers information on closed bank accounts, identifies fraudulent bank accounts, and supplies the riskiness of the applicant’s financial institutions.
  • Supplies check cashing activity, retail check writing performance, returned retail items, and bank account opening inquiries.

Clear Bank Behavior™ Benefits

  • Insight into an applicant’s banking activity helps lenders evaluate credit risk.
  • Five-year history is more predictive of risk than a snapshot.

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