Clear Credit Attributes™

Clear Credit Attributes™ is Clarity’s premier credit solution product, designed to assess a consumer’s creditworthiness. CCA provides information that is typically absent from traditional credit reports, highlighting inquiry and tradeline behavior. CCA returns over 750 attributes pertaining to loan performance, credit inquiries and personal information.

Clear Credit Attributes Features:

  • Returns over 750 attributes. Attributes pertain to a consumer’s credit activities, loan activities and loan performance information.
  • Broken into four segments or sections:
    • Inquiry
    • Tradeline
    • Banking
    • Income, Housing and Employment
  • Identity matching criteria improves the accuracy of a consumer’s history.

Clear Credit Attributes Benefits:

  • Provides a comprehensive view of a consumer’s credit behavior.
  • Visibility into Clarity’s exclusive data – not available elsewhere.
  • Flexibility of reviewing data attributes.
  • Summary level attributes can be used for a quick glance at history.
  • Granular level attributes can be used to pinpoint specific types
    of activity.
  • Attributes can be used as standalone or part of scorecard in your
    decisioning flow.
  • Helps assess and mitigate credit risk.

Clear Credit Attributes™ is the premier credit solution for non-traditional or ‘thin file’ consumers. The attributes provided via Clarity’s exclusive database are not found anywhere else. CCA can be used as a standalone or part of a scorecard in a client’s decisioning flow, making it scalable for any sized business.

The ability to utilize any of the 750 attributes, which are grouped from high level to granular, allow clients to customize the product for their needs. Predictive attributes have been identified by Clarity’s analytics team to help with decision making and best practices.

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