Clear Credit Risk™

The essential product for assessing creditworthiness and determining credit eligibility.

Powered by Clarity and Experian FCRA data, Clear Credit Risk™ is a comprehensive credit report comprised of an unparalleled collection of attributes for evaluating subprime consumer risk and the industry’s most predictive first payment default credit score.

Clear Credit Risk is the ultimate subprime consumer credit evaluation product, with hundreds of predictive attributes derived from Clarity’s alternative credit data and Experian’s traditional bureau data.

Clear Credit Risk enables lenders to more precisely assess consumer credit risk by utilizing Clarity’s credit attributes, inquiry and tradeline data, along with select attributes from Experian’s Premier AttributesSM and Trended 3D™ that best predict subprime consumer behavior.

Clear Credit Risk Features

  • Highly predictive first payment default credit score with adverse action reason codes
  • 300+ predictive variables
  • Active duty status indicator
  • Clarity tradeline and inquiry details
  • Clarity credit data attributes
  • Experian Premier Attributes
  • Experian Trended 3D attributes
  • FCRA actionable

Clear Credit Risk Benefits

  • Access to industry-leading data from Clarity and Experian for complete credit risk assessment
  • Facilitates universe expansion without elevated risk
  • Available across all acquisition channels
  • FCRA compliant
  • Improved performance of proprietary models with a more complete view of consumer credit behavior
    over time
  • Available across the entire consumer life cycle