Clear Income Attributes™

Clear Income Attributes™ is an effective validation tool built to help financial service providers determine the stability of a consumer’s income, employment, and housing using Clarity’s exclusive proprietary data.

Clear Income Attributes™ Features:

  • Provides additional visibility to historical stated incomes, housing, and employment
    • Shows trends in stated income
    • Shows income changes over the past year
  • Exclusive data only available to Clarity customers
  • Helps validate that current stated information is consistent with past submitted application data
  • Provides additional data fields to help lender determine recency and robustness of income data

Clear Income Attributes™ Benefits:

  • Provides a validation tool to help lender determine consistency of income, employment, and housing over time
  • Gives an indication of how often applicant applies for alternative credit
  • Can be used as a screening tool for Direct Mail Marketing or other advertising

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