Clear Recent History PLUS™

Clear Recent History PLUS™ is an enhanced version of Clear Recent History™ that includes a choice of FICO or Vantage 3.0 scores.

Many lenders agree that a decision parameter, like a credit score, makes underwriting easier and more straight-forward. In addition to traditional underwriting criteria like the number of credit inquiries and recent tradeline activity, credit scores allow lenders to choose a cutoff, based on their risk tolerance, and make approval or denial decisions with confidence.

Clarity understands this need and has streamlined the underwriting journey with Clear Recent History PLUS™.

In addition to a 90-day lookback period of inquiry and tradeline history, Clear Recent History PLUS™ allows lenders to choose between two traditional credit scores.

Clear Recent History PLUS™ Features:

  • Choice between two traditional credit scores
  • Cross-industry, subprime inquiry and tradeline data not available from traditional credit bureaus
  • Active Duty Status Indicator

Clear Recent History PLUS™ Benefits:

  • Active Duty Indicator provides compliance assistance with the Military Lending Act
  • Lender-determined credit score cutoffs for easy decisioning and internal compliance