Clear Recent History™

Clear Recent History™ delivers visibility into the last 90 days of a consumer’s credit inquiry and loan history.

Clear Recent History is a tradeline report that provides visibility into the last 90 days of a consumer’s credit inquiries and loan performance. Traditional credit reports are usually updated monthly, which is ineffective in the subprime market.

Streamline your underwriting journey with only the most recent and relevant information on your applicants. Instead of sifting through a lengthy credit report, get the details you need right away, and decide from there which attributes warrant further scrutiny.

Clear Recent History is FCRA-actionable, uses exclusive Clarity data, and features real-time updates.

Clear Recent History Features:

  • Complete visibility into Clarity’s exclusive data for the past 90 days of loan performance and inquiry activity
  • Summary of tradeline information to help evaluate creditworthiness
  • Collections and charge-off activity
  • Real-time reporting

Clear Recent History Benefits:

  • Gives lenders increased visibility into loan activity and performance, which facilitates better underwriting decisions.
  • Active duty indicator can assist with Military Lending Act compliance
  • Flexibility to review history from 10 minutes to 90-day time periods
  • FCRA-actionable