Clear Tradeline™

Clear Tradeline™ is a real-time report designed specifically to help lenders make better underwriting decisions by providing an in-depth view into an applicant’s inquiry and loan history.Clear Tradeline™ reports inquiries, extensions of credit, bill payments, and collection attempts made by our reporting partners. Our partners offer a variety of financial products such as home mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, single payment micro loans (payday loans), rent-to-own, and bill payment services. Clarity accepts and reports real-time changes and displays data in an enhanced Metro II format.

Clear Tradeline™ Features:

  • A tradeline summary providing an overview of consumer’s detailed tradeline information.
  • The detail of a consumer’s reported tradeline activity presented in the industry standard Metro II format, modified to accept real-time reporting.
  • A detailed list of the most recent transactions.
  • A frequency/time evaluation inquiry cluster.