Clear Digital Identity™

Save time and money by quickly sorting through applicants and identifying risky consumers right from the start.

Clear Digital Identity™ cross-references application information, phone and email details, and exclusive Clarity data to authenticate consumer identities and detect application fraud.

As various types of fraud increase in the lending industry, verifying consumer identity has never been more important or more difficult.

Clear Digital Identity is a unique solution to help lenders verify identity and detect fraud using authoritative data from the consumer’s phone and email service providers, and proprietary data from Clarity’s database.

Comparing a consumer’s personal information against phone, email and Clarity data helps to validate the legitimacy of an applicant’s information and gives lenders a much greater assurance that applicants are who they claim to be. A failure to authenticate some of the data points can indicate fraud.

When it comes to profitability, client retention is much more cost effective than pursuing new business.

Clear Digital Identity™ Features:

  • Confirmation that the application information matches consumer data on file with phone and email providers.
  • Predictive, high-risk phone indicators.
  • High-risk email attributes to help detect fraud, including an email fraud score.
  • Access to Clarity’s exclusive subprime data for cross-checks and validation.

Clear Digital Identity™ Benefits:

  • May be incorporated as part of your “Know Your Customer” compliance programs.
  • Especially effective for detecting application fraud.
  • Saves time and money by identifying consumers who need additional review early in the evaluation process.

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