Clear Fraud Insight™

Leveraging the power of Clarity and Experian data to detect and prevent fraud.

Clear Fraud Insight™ is the industry’s most comprehensive fraud detection solution. Combining data assets from Clarity and Experian, this product delivers best-of-breed identity verification, fraud indicators, and the industry’s most predictive fraud score.

Identity verification has become more critical with the increase of customer-not-present transactions.

Verify applicant identity with confidence using Clarity Services, the largest source of alternative financial credit data, and Experian’s Precise ID® Precise Match. Clear Fraud Insight addresses first- and third-party fraud with a diverse
set of fraud indicators and predictive attributes derived from proprietary stability and cross-applicant matrices.
With an unparalleled fraud score that rank orders the risk of first payment default, Clear Fraud Insight is the new industry standard for fraud detection.

Clear Fraud Insight Features

  • 250+ predictive variables for fraud detection
  • Clear Fraud Insight score that is superior in predicting first payment default
  • Enhanced identity verification using Precise ID Precise Match
  • Fraud indicators on key data elements
  • Stability matrix that reflects application changes over time
  • Cross-applicant matrix associates current data elements with other applications to identify fraud

Clear Fraud Insight Benefits

  • Access to industry-leading data from Clarity and Experian for complete fraud detection
  • Helps lender meet Customer Identification Program requirements
  • Enhanced identity verification that provides a greater match rate and granularity
  • Aggregates activity to identify fraud in real time