Clarity’s industry-leading risk solutions are updated and better than ever

Superior scores and supercharged performance combine to solve your most vexing credit and fraud challenges.

More Yeses

Expand customer universe by increasing acceptance rates while keeping default rates steady. More revenue doesn’t have to mean more risk.

Fewer Defaults

Bring down default rates and maintain acceptance levels. It’s possible to do both!

Current Fraud Detection

Fraud is evolving. We improved upon the industry’s previous gold standard fraud solution to help you keep up with the changes.

New Prospects

Don’t ease underwriting criteria just to reach more customers! Find responsive consumers with lower default rates by adding alternative credit data to your direct mail campaigns.

The Addition of the CCR score allowed one client to target 112,000+ additional consumers with a higher response rate and lower default rate than previous consumer groupings.

See the data in action and get more – more data, more granularity and a more complete view of your subprime consumer.