Clear Express Portfolio Review™

A Portfolio Management Solution

Clear Express Portfolio Review provides key credit attributes on a weekly basis that offer valuable insight on your portfolio of consumers with open loans.

In times of heightened economic uncertainty, you need the ability to immediately review open accounts so you can take action to retain good consumers and mitigate risk.

With Clear Express Portfolio Review, you can monitor a consumer’s credit status by running weekly batch account reviews, allowing you to better control risk in portfolios and take action. This product enables you to quickly identify both positive and negative updates to consumer credit profiles due to the current economic environment, including changes to employment, stability, recent loan activity (new inquiries and new accounts) and positive and negative loan performance.

Take quick, meaningful action based on changes in consumer activity to minimize losses, manage risk and increase retention.

Clear Express Portfolio Review Features:

  • Offers competitive insight on newly opened account(s) and payment performance with other creditors
  • Assists in determining how strategies are impacting risk reduction and profitability over time Report returns only records with changes
  • Analytics PLUS – an optional, value-added service provided by Clarity Analytics that includes:
    o Analyzing and comparing week-over-week attribute changes on consumers
    o Providing an informative attribute summary dashboard
    o A visualization of attribute changes


Benefits of Clear Express Portfolio Review:

  • Preempt delinquencies by identifying and quickly engaging with consumers at the highest risk of default
  • Identify changes and determine if consumer risk is decreasing or increasing
  • Evaluate overall strength of loan portfolios
  • Adjust your segmentation and targeting strategies and enhance value propositions and product strategy
  • Determine how strategies are impacting risk reduction and profitability over time
  • Retain more profitable consumers by identifying when they shop for a new loan