Clear Portfolio Alerts™

Clear Portfolio Alerts™ is a customized product to manage portfolios and enhance customer retention.

Clear Portfolio Alerts is a proactive portfolio management tool that creates customer touchpoints based on risk and retention triggers. Risk triggers can signal recent derogatory changes to a consumer’s credit profile, allowing you to resolve potential issues before they impact your bottom line. Retention triggers identify existing customers who are shopping for new credit, enabling lenders to strengthen their customer retention strategies.

Whether used as a subprime alert system or as a supplement to existing prime notifications, Clear Portfolio Alerts™ is an exceptional tool to help you strengthen relationships by expanding engagement opportunities.

Clear Portfolio Alerts™ Features:

  • Multiple Alert Types:

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      • Credit inquiry
      • Collection inquiry
      • Funded loans
      • Delinquency status
      • Collection status
      • Charged-off loans
      • Loan payments
      • Identity changes (Bank account, address, email address, phone number or income changes)
  • Batch file delivery – daily or weekly
  • Configurable alert settings leveraging
    Clarity’s exclusive subprime data

Benefits of Clear Portfolio Alerts™:

  • Proactively manage risk
  • Identify default risk and potential loan stacking
  • Forecast trends based on current customer credit activity
  • Gain insight to retain your best customers
  • Indicates when customer identity elements change

When it comes to profitability, client retention is much more cost effective than pursuing new business. Contact us today to learn more.