Prospecting Solutions

Optimize your customer acquisition strategies by connecting directly with targeted and vetted consumers. Clarity’s prospecting solutions help lenders determine which businesses and consumers will make profitable new customers and present the least amount of risk.

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Clarity Prescreen Direct Mail Solutions

Expand your lending universe and foster new acquisition channels with Clarity’s Prescreen Direct Mail Solutions. Our campaigns widen your target market, delivering higher response rates at the same (or lower) risk level.

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Clear Prequalification™

This is an instant credit solution. Clear Prequalification™ makes it easy to connect consumers with the right credit options. It’s a straightforward process that can make a big difference for your approval rates. Consumers consent to prequalify for credit offers on your website. After being screened against Clear Prequalification™, consumers learn which of your loan products they may qualify for. If they choose to accept the presented loan products and terms, they proceed with the credit application.

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