Clarity Prescreen Direct Mail Solutions

Target your best credit prospects using industry-leading data.

Expand your lending universe and foster new acquisition channels with Clarity’s Prescreen Direct Mail solutions. You control the criteria, risk thresholds and size of your creditbased marketing campaigns.

Optimize your prescreen direct mail strategy by targeting the same (or lower) risk levels with a higher response rate.e.

With Clarity’s prescreen direct mail solutions, you can connect with subprime
consumers who are more likely to respond to your offers and repay.

Clarity Prescreen Direct Mail Solutions Benefits

  • Accuracy: Ensure you are targeting the correct consumer population using the most predictive data in the subprime market.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Maximize your consumer acquisition dollars by decreasing the cost per funded loan, ensuring the target audience is the most likely to respond and repay.
  • Flexibility: Choose between multiple direct mail solutions tailored to meet your campaign needs.
  • Customization: Optimize your direct mail campaign by controlling your campaign specification parameters.
  • Efficiency: Leverage Clarity’s expertise in the subprime direct mail process.

Why Clarity Prescreen Direct Mail Solutions Works

Experian’s Clarity Services delivers easy-to-implement direct mail solutions. Our program qualifies and segments potential prospects according to credit criteria, identifying consumers more likely to respond that are within your current risk threshold. With increased response rates and decreased costs per funded loan, our combined data helps your mail reach preferred consumers.



1.  Clarity Turnkey

Clarity’s Turnkey solution manages every step of the mail campaign. Once we understand your lending objectives, Clarity will combine alternative and traditional credit data to compile a final list based on your criteria.

Clarity collaborates with you to review your direct mail objectives and recommend initial sourcing criteria to identify the preliminary target mail segment.

Clarity’s analytics team refines prescreen criteria using alternative credit data and traditional credit data. The Clarity team collaborates with you to determine the size of the mailing and to select the final targeted population.

Clarity secures names and standardized addresses, performs opt-outs and data scrubs, and provides third party mail house with final file.

Clarity works with you to review the final targeted population post campaign to determine how to continue to expand and refine your audience in future prescreen direct mail offerings.


2.  Clarity Turnkey Lite

This solution is ideal for lenders that have had experience in processing prescreen direct mail campaigns in the past; and understand how to determine the target population and criteria, but still want the added value of traditional and Clarity’s alternative credit data.


3.  Clarity Data Append

This solution allows lenders to append Clarity alternative credit data to either an existing customer list, or to a traditional bureau list per your criteria. Adding Clarity alternative credit data will provide a comprehensive view of your target audience.