Clear Direct Mail™

Lenders of all sizes can now cost-effectively conduct direct mail campaigns to offer non-prime consumers firm offers of credit. Clear Direct Mail™ is a suite of prescreen services to connect with creditworthy non-prime consumers.

Clear Direct Mail™ Benefits:

  • Establish or enhance your direct mail acquisition channel.
  • Increase precision with direct mail campaigns that combine traditional and non-traditional data.
  • Access to Clarity’s direct mail best practices with high ROI.
  • Identify qualified non-prime consumers.

With Clear Direct Mail™, you can connect with targeted, vetted non-prime consumers who will respond to your credit offers and are likely to repay.

How it Works

Clarity has partnered with traditional credit bureaus to deliver unique direct mail solutions. These services enable you to combine Clarity’s exclusive alternative credit data with traditional credit data for a comprehensive view of credit history.

Four Easy Solutions

  1. Turnkey Solution

    Clarity’s turnkey solution handles every step of the mail campaign. Once we understand a lender’s objectives, Clarity will combine traditional and alternative credit data to compile a final list based on the lender’s criteria.

  2. Turnkey Lite Solution

    Clarity’s turnkey lite solution is ideal for customers that have their own analytics team to identify target audiences, but want to incorporate the added value of combined traditional and alternative data.

  3. Traditional Bureau Reseller Solution

    This option allows lenders to contract directly with a traditional bureau, which will work with Clarity to append alternative credit data and compile the final list per the lender’s criteria.

  4. Lender Customer List Solution

    This cost-effective solution is ideal for lenders who have their own previous customer list that they wish to use. Clarity will append its data to a lender’s existing list for a one-time mailing.

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